I Think I Have a Song

Song Lyrics Draft Copyright 8/20/19 KKS I think I have a Song I think I have a song Brewing in my heart This is all new to me But it seems it’s time to start People take time to grow And to change Sometimes reflecting their glory Other times entering shame The glory shines so brightly It draws others to the flame The shame extinguishes the light Hiding bright behind a dark pane The wrestling enters in What is going to win To shine brightly feels a lie When the dim starts to w


"I picked up a pencil and started writing notes on a page" Howard Shore replied when asked how he got his start as a composer. That simple statement struck as profound. Since then, I have been trying to figure out what my "pencil"​ has to write. I am not a musician so I do not have a score to compose. I tend toward the spoken word with a desire to reflect hope to the world around me. Trained as a counselor, I observe, I listen. As a believer, I pray. I read. I seek truth tha

Writing Feels Scary

Writing feels scary. On the one hand, there are people in my life that encourage me to write. “When are you going to write your next book?” Or, “Do you have a blog I can follow?” Or a consistent line of encouragement to, “keep writing.” On the other hand, there are already so many words written by so many others that are better writers. There are legitimate scholarly writers... or poetic writers... or grammatically correct writers... But, as I am always saying to the musicia